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Cappuccino, oh such a gorgeous drink.

If you love the strong, dark and stimulating type, take a good piece of this coffee-filled soap on your body.
Coffee extract, caffeine powder and coffee grounds will stimulate and exfoliate, with an extra supplement of pure caffeine to strengthen the skin.
Enchanted with delicious grapefruit essential oil for even juicier bum bum and tights.

This ingredients combination, improves blood circulation and tonus, plus the massaging effect added by the coffee grounds helps fight cellulite.

We have added some coconut cream to make it even more creamy and delicate to your skin.


    Ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, coffee, coconut cream, grapefruit essential oil, caffeine extract, coffee grounds, titanium dioxide.

    Aroma: coffee, tiramisu, milk, grapefruit.

    Skin type: all kinds, (not recommended for sensitive skin)


    Get naked, after that get really, really wet, take the soap in your hands and swirl it around a little bit. Gently rub it on your body and enjoy the nice lather!

    Please keep the soap dry between uses for longer life!

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